Fall Clean up at EcoSpace

It is a wonderful sight - children playing, exploring and learning in the ECOSPACE.  The plantings wintered last year well, blossomed in the spring, thrived through the hot summer (with help from the irrigation) and are now ready for the dormant season again.   There are a few jobs that need to be taken care of before the snow comes.  We are organizing a Fall Cleanup for Tuesday, October 23/18 starting at 1:00pm.  Irrigation lines will need to be covered, mulch added to plantings and some debris removed.  Some students will be helping out and of course we are in need of adult volunteers.  Bring gloves for yourself and we will also need shovels, rakes and small pruners.  Please consider giving an hour or two of your time to help out at the ECOSPACE.   You can respond on the ARES PAC Facebook page or send us a note to the PAC email adamrobertson.pac@gmail.com to let us know you can help out. 

Thank you!

from the ARES PAC