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ARES Read-A-Thon 2024 (Updated Feb. 21, 2024)


Feb. 21, 2024

We now have overtaken the Dark side in Reading Minutes with over 82,000 minutes.  The goal is to read 8,000 minutes over the next 2 days. Many students are now Jedi Master's, and more are entering the Jedi ranks each day.  Congratulations!!!!

Please enjoy today's video:


Feb. 15, 2024

Please enjoy this weeks video: 

We have over 57,000 minutes, which is almost half way to our goal. Keep on reading! We are doing great! 

Feb. 13, 2024

Huge progress over the weekend.  We now have over 40,000 minutes read, and many students have now joined the Padawan, Jedi, and Jedi Knight ranks.  Please enjoy the next video:

Feb. 8, 2024:

Congratulations to all our Padawan readers.   We have read almost 11,000 minutes to start our journey.  Please enjoy the second video of our Read-a-thon.


Feb. 5, 2024:

Good Morning Everyone,

 Starting today, our school will be hosting a Read-a-thon challenge for all students to promote reading throughout the school. At home, the suggested goal for each student is to read 20 minutes per day.  For our primary students, this also includes being read to. We would like students to read above and beyond what they do in their classrooms.

 Your child will be provided with a Reading Calendar. This Calendar will travel back and forth to school each day. Record your child's reading minutes on the corresponding day in the calendar. Return the calendars to the school each morning. so that we can record the student totals and count them toward our reading challenge goals. Read-a-thon video challenges will be viewed in class and can also be accessed from on the school website to view at home.

 We are grateful for Mrs. Walker (ARES Teacher/Librarian) who is the mastermind behind the read-a-thon and are looking forward to a month of reading and fun.

Here is a link to the Introduction Video:

Read-A-Thon Video 1