Parent Handbook

Daily Agenda Books - School Communication

A very important part of home-school communication at Adam Robertson Elementary school involves the use of Daily Agenda books. These are on the supply lists for all students (Grades1-7). These agendas are provided to each student at a cost payable to the school during the first week of school. They contain important curriculum information, as well as daily reminders. Teachers will check the agenda books daily and, in the interest of establishing good communications, we ask that parents do the same. 

Change or Residency, Telephone or Transfer

If you change any of the above, please notify the school at once. 

Visitors to the Building

Visitors to the building are asked to check with the main office and sign our guest book before procedding to their destination. In the case of parents or guardians of primary students who regularly visit their child's classroom, checking with the office is not necessary. 


The Principal has ultimate authority and may utilize a variety of strategies to deal with inappropriate behaviour. Please refer to the Code of Conduct.

Bullying Policy

Bullying is any deliberate behaviour that makes another person feel scared, hurt or left out. Bullying is not just physically scaring, it includes: bugging and hurting the feelings of others. It can be done verbally, in writing and by physical behaviour, or using digital technologies such as cell phones or social networking spaces. The students, staff and parents of Adam Robertson Elementary school learning community will not tolerate bullying, and will act to make sure themselves and others are not bullied. 



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