Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct has been established to steer students to being responsible, contributing members of society. It is based on principles of growth, development and respect for self, others and property. Every student sshall be subject to the Code of Conduct while on the school premises, while going to and returning from school and at all school games and functions whenever and wherever held. 

1. Academic Success

  • I will do my best work, complete my assignmnets and come to class prepared, on time and ready to work. 

2. Respect

  • I am thoughtful and respectful of others. I do not do anything to hurt others or myself. I don't hit, hick, spit or fight. I use appropriate language and actions. 

3. Student Movement in the Building

  • I enter and exit the building in an orderly fashion. 

4. School Grounds

  • I will stay inside school grounds at recess and lunch. I amy leave school grounds at lunch with a note from my parents/guardians I respect our neighbours in the area of our school at all times. 

5. Care of School Property

  • I respect school property at all times. Under no circumstances do I bring gum or sunflower seeds to school. I wear clean, non-marking schoes in the gym. I leave the bathroom clean, making sure to flush, wash my hands, keep the light on at all times and I do not use it for socializing. 

6. Playground

  • I play safely in designated areas while respecting others. I do not climbs trees, fences, backstops or any part of the school building. I return all P.E. and other equipment. 

7. Lunch Procedure

  • I will sit at my desk to eat my lunch. I will use my lunch bag to eat from. I will leav only when dismissed. Any food I do not want I will either take home or put it in the sharing bin. 

8. Traffic Safety

  • I use the crosswalks. Under no circumstances do I walk between buses. I never ride my bike on school property - I walk it, lock it and leave it. Skateboards and rollerblades are not allowed to be used on school property during school hours (8:00 am - 4:00 pm).

9. Dangerous Items

  • I do not bring to school, or have in my possession, any items that could harm another. This includes items such as knives, darts or throwing stars, any kind of gun, bullets or firecrackers. Tobacco, alcohol or any illegal substances are strictly forbidden. 

10. Assemblies

  • I enter and leave the assembly in a quiet, orderly manner. I listen quietyly during assembly and respond appropriately. 

11. Winter

  • I brush myself off and remove snow from my boots before entering the school. I slide in a safe manner. I walk beside the slide area to avoid accidents.  am particularly careful with students smaller than myself. 

12. Personal Appearance

  • I dress appropriately for school. I understand that the following clothing items are not appropriate: any clothes that advertise tobacco, drugs or alcohol, any clothing that contains a racist or sexist message, 'short' shorts and halter tops

13. Lockers

  • Lockers and desks belong to the school district and may not be abused in any way. I will not post pictures or messages in my locker that are racists or sexist, or that advertise druvs or alcohol. Lockers and desks may be inspected at any time by my teacher or by the principal.