Adam Robertson Elementary Spring Chicken Extravaganza!

On April 11, Adam Robertston Elementary School (ARES) students were treated to an afternoon of excitement.

They were told in advance to bring recycling supplies for a special activity, but they had no idea 315 baby chicks were waiting outside to find their owners. We had some energetic PAC parents fill plastic eggs with tiny baby chicks and hide them all over the school grounds for this schoolwide project. No, the chicks weren’t real, but these little creatures became the responsibility of each student for four days. We knew they would experience a sense of ownership, show great care and empathy, and ensure their little chickens were well cared for.

We began the afternoon with our first assembly in two years. We wanted to start small. Many of our primary children still need an opportunity to practice for an assembly, since few of them have attended one before, so we started with the intermediate students in attendance. We showed them a slideshow, reminding them of the important role they would play with the younger students, and then the Spring Chicken Hunt began. After picking up their younger buddies, the whole school ventured outside to search for their baby chicks. 

Just as we knew they would, the older students supported their younger partners to find their eggs. Back into the school they went for an afternoon of creativity.

Thanks to all of the ARES families, our kids were well-prepared with such a variety of recycling, craft supplies, and natural items found outside. We were amazed at the level of engagement throughout the school. From kindergarten through to Grade 7, students were focused on constructing homes for their new responsibilities. 

For the remainder of the week, the students worked hard to make their pets feel safe and loved. This activity incorporated all four of the Circle of Courage values (Belonging, Generosity, Independence, and Mastery). However, learning to give, show some care, support others, and be responsible for something other than oneself, most definitely triggered the GENEROSITY domain in so many of our students. They gave very generously to their chicks (and their buddies) for four days before taking their pets home to stay.

A huge thanks to our staff, students and PAC for making this event such a success! We were even featured in the May 16 issue of the Creston Valley Advance!