Year End June 2019

By Joanne Beddoes, Principal - Adam Robertson Elementary School

2019 YEAR End to Parents:


Wow! what a fast year!! 

First I want to thank all parents for the support of your time, ideas, conversations and the many ways we work together to support the students at Adam Robertson School.

Staff, parents and Administration had a great planning day on May 29th. We recognized the successes of the year, the challenges we shared, the changes we want to implement, and the academic focus we want to embark on.  Language Arts and Numeracy always remain a focus no matter what. For the 2019-2020 school year we will continue to build on a positive school culture and are looking at a program to support this across the grade, called “Caring School Communities’.  The staff have committed to front end loading our school based pro d days in August and this will be a learning focus for one of the two days.  In preparation for this day we have had an active committee at the school diving into what this will look like as things don’t just happen without effort, direction and determination.

I have a few announcements regarding next year:

·        We have hired a new music teacher for our school.  All students will receive music weekly from a music specialist. Beginning band will be an option for our senior students. More on this in the fall.

·        School supplies are being ordered in bulk for students. This is an effort to save families money on their own purchases and to have consistent supplies.  The cost per student will be $40 –due in September.  To see what will be purchased for classes- lists will be posted on the website shortly.   We are shopping locally and want to emphasis trying to support families.  There will be an agenda cost for classes using agendas.  This fee was $15 in the past but was combined with availability of pencils. So, the cost for the agenda will be determined once the order is complete and will reflect actual cost only. Please ask for further clarification at any time. As we will be heading into summer my email is

·        Classroom assignments for your child won’t be confirmed until the fall as we cannot predict new students to the school.  Over the years, this has been a significant number that changes planned class lists. Thanks for your patience on this.  Any requests must be directed to school administration only.  There are many factors in planning classes. All requests are part of the process but may not be as asked.

·        Kindergarten gradual entry schedule will be posted on the website for families to access.

·        Last day for classes is on Thursday June 27th. This is an early dismissal day ending at 12:05.  Students will be given report cards and any remaining items that belong to them. Please check the lost and found before summer begins.

·        If you are moving and your child will not be attending ARES next year please inform the school ASAP for our planning.

·        School starts up again for students Tuesday September 3rd. The office will be open the last week of August.


And finally….

I am often asked what can we do over the summer to keep our kids learning.  What I offer as advice is talk with and listen to your kids. , find opportunities to share ideas and why they are important to them.  Play together often, read and be seen reading, be active and get plenty of quality rest. 

Have safe adventures always, and build fabulous memories with friends and family!!

Happy summer!!



Joanne Beddoes

Joanne Beddoes

By Joanne Beddoes, Principal - Adam Robertson Elementary School