Welcome to November

By Joanne Beddoes, Principal - Adam Robertson Elementary School

November welcomes in the cooler weather, Remebrance Day Assembly, parent teacher interviews, and the settling in of regular rountines.

Our students have done well with settling into their classes.  Teachers are hosting parent teacher interviews, sending home interims and working with their classes to provide an amazing variety of learning opportunities for their students.  I know we often ask our kids when they get home "what did you do today at school?" and like clockwork the answer is most often "Nothing" but they may add in they like recess to show there was something they really enjoyed! I can tell you that lots is happening at Adam Robertson School and students are engaged in their learning.  Try asking what did you do today in science (for example). You may get more of a conversation!  But to be fair, with so much happening it's hard to know what to say when you are tired at the end of the day!!

Did you know that our our grade 7 and some 6/7' s working on a project with one of our district teachers, Brent Firksir, on some plumbing and electrical learning?  Students actually did some hands on work experiencing part of what a tradesperson would do in these field!!  it was amazing!  And the energy was great!!  Thanks to Mr. Lauze for arranging this for our students.

Did you know that all of our students see Mrs. Davies for fine arts every week?  Students do a variety of visual and dramatic arts.I appreciate the energy needed to work with a wide range of ages and still produce excellent results.  

Did you know that our parents, without hesitation, provide a breakfast for the students at ARES school every morning?  The menu is set and is different each day of the week.  Students know when it's grilled cheese day or toast day!!  But this would not be able to to be done without the volunteers!!  I cannot say thank you enough!!  You are appreciated!!

As we move into the cooler days please check that your child has appropriate winter gear. Names in jackets helps me return lost and found itmes.  If there's a way to identify mitts too that would help me out as well.

And finally, a  piece of (hopefully) healthy advice; we have not yet seen a lot of colds and flu's yet but I am sure it's on the way.  Washing hands is one way to try and limit the spread of germs. Our custodians clean everything off daily including door handles and stair railings to do our part in preventing the spread of germs.  Hopefully, you will all be healthy!!

But, if your child is home sick please let the school know either by phone, email or the link on our new web page before the start of the school day. This helps us at school know that your child is home safe and lets us know if we need to inform Public Health if we have too many absences due to health reasons.

Thanks everyone.

Joanne Beddoes , Principal


I am liking the new web page and would welcome feedback from you too. Send me a note jbeddoes@sd8.bc.ca




Joanne Beddoes

By Joanne Beddoes, Principal - Adam Robertson Elementary School