Reporting this year

Dear Parents and Guardians,


The report cards in the school district are changing. This is to reflect the changes in how we communicate with each other and how teachers create and assess learning opportunities for their students.  At Adam Robertson Elementary School, we communicate student learning in many ways including using email, weekly class updates, phone conversations and learning celebrations.  This is ongoing and so helpful to keep you informed.  The November interview time will be a chance to talk to the classroom teacher about the goals for your child for this year.  You will be given a sheet of paper with boxes to fill in so you can think about the “strengths and stretches” and goals for your child.  You’ll also be asked to talk to your child about their goals and bring their thoughts as well.   This gives a focus to the time you get to spend with the teacher. The teacher will be filling in a document with the same type of information.  Both documents will replace the November report card.


At the end of January, you’ll be receiving a written report card from the teacher using the MyEd BC data based form that many of you are already familiar with.   Instead of numbers or letters, the students will be assessed using the terms “Emerging”, “Developing”, “Proficient” and “Extending.” I will add into our newsletter that will be posted on line for you to review those terms. Please ask your child’s teacher or the admin staff for more information about these. This means there will not be letter grades in grades 4 to 7 on the report card. At this time, many elementary schools in this school district and across the province do not use letter grades. 


                There will be two additional times your child’s progress will be communicated to you: there will be student-led conferences, interim reports and continued information to you about your child.  Information should include to look at what the child is doing well, what they need support in and how parents can support learning at home.


What if you want to know about a specific academic goal or if you’re worried about how the child is progressing in relationship to other children of the same age?  Just ask.   The teachers will be able to give you information about your child’s learning.  Since this is a new way of reporting information, we are all figuring out how best to communicate, but the learning and assessing remains. 


In the end, this change reflects the many ways the school and home are communicating about the children already. The written part will indicate how the child is progressing.  The interview time will give you a chance to talk about the needs and goals of your child. You can request an interview time anytime throughout the year.  As always at Adam Robertson Elementary School email or a phone call gives you quick contact with the teacher.  I look forward to seeing how all this unfolds and know the excellent teachers at Adam Robertson Elementary will continue to guide the children through their learning. 


Joanne Beddoes

Principal Adam Robertson Elementary





Current until: Friday, November 15th, 2019

Posted: Sunday, November 3rd, 2019